Antiperspirant vs. Natural Deodorant

Antiperspirant vs. Natural Deodorant

Antiperspirant vs. Natural Deodorant

Sweating. Funk. Yellow stains. Some may say it’s the pits. But, guess what friends? You’re made to sweat – it’s your body’s natural air conditioner! 

Since adolescence we’ve been taught to fear a little perspiration in the underarms. It’s possible you’ve been trying to beat the daily stink by rubbing, spraying or rolling antiperspirants on your body without even thinking about what kind of chemical-laden ingredients are included. But, there’s a big difference between your run-of-the-mill drugstore antiperspirant and natural deodorant. 

Drugstore Antiperspirants – Aluminum, Parabens and Phthalates, Oh My!

While perusing the retail shelves you’re most likely looking for a deodorant that feels and smells good. What you may not be considering is what you’re actually putting on your body such as aluminum, phthalate and parabens.


Antiperspirants contain aluminum, which blocks your pores from, well, sweating, even though sweating is one of the main ways your body releases toxins from your system. And while your pits may be dry, the aluminum is also the culprit for those pesky yellow shirt stains. Say what!? Yup. When your sweat reacts to the aluminum it results in embarrassing yellowing. Now that stinks.


Parabens are used as a preservative to prolong the shelf life of personal hygiene and cosmetic items, but it can also absorb into your skin. A study from the Journal of Applied Toxicology found parabens were detected in breast tissue of patients with breast cancer. Additionally, breast cancer found in the upper lateral area (where you apply deodorant) is on the rise. The researcher’s hypothesis is that deodorant containing parabens may be the cause for the rise in cases.


Did you know? Phthalates found in your deodorant are also used to make plastic flexible and harder to break. It can be found in vinyl flooring, garden hoses, medical tubing and car parts. WHOA! According to the CDC, it’s unknown how phthalates effect human health, however, some studies have shown its effects in the reproductive system of lab animals. And, women tend to have more of it in their blood and urine due to using more products containing phthalates (cosmetics, nail polish, hair spray, etc.).

Benefits of Sweat

Make no stink about it, you’re going to sweat. Your body is meant to sweat. So, go ahead, raise your hands and learn about some of the benefits of sweating.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, sweating can help boost immunity. Antimicrobial peptides called dermcidin produced by sweat glands can act as antibiotics to fight off infection by flushing out toxins and attacking germs. In fact, some studies have shown that sweating can reduce the chance of getting the flu by a third.

We mentioned it earlier but sweating helps regulate body temperature to keep you cool (so you don’t overheat) and your sweat glands in shape. It also keeps your internal organs functioning properly.

Too much salt and calcium can form kidney stones over time. When you sweat, your body is releasing salt, which can helps prevent kidney stones from forming.

Natural Deodorant

Now, if you’re looking to stay away from scary chemicals, natural deodorant is the way to go. Bellamia is made with real ingredients that you will recognize and can pronounce. It’s also aluminum-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free.


Natural deodorant will neutralize the bacteria in your sweat and help with the bad smell while absorbing excess wetness. But, beware. You will still sweat. Why? When you initially make the switch you’re going to sweat and smell more than you’re used to because your body is detoxifying itself. Now that your pores are “free”, they’re going to take all those years of being plugged up and rejoice by “releasing the stink”. That’s why when switching to natural deodorant people blame it for “not working”, when it’s really your body. The smell is temporary – it needs to regulate and learn to sweat naturally, and some studies say it can take up to 30 days. If you feel like you can’t go an entire day, carry some with you and reapply on-the-go.

Are you ready for naturally pleasant pits? Take the Bellamia leap today!