Bellamia's Story

From natural products to real food, my family and I have been living a natural lifestyle for more than 15 years.

In 2016, I took it a step farther by opening my first company, Frozen Garden, offering frozen, ready to blend smoothies as a convenient solution to healthy eating, without chemicals or additives.

While Frozen Garden is still busy making Smoothies, I decided to pursue my passion for personal care by starting a second company, Bellamia. For nearly 10 years I've been making natural, personal care items for family and friends and have finally perfected my all-natural deodorant recipe. I’m starting small by making it Bellamia’s first product offering with hopes of more products to follow.

As with Frozen Garden, I’m committed to handcrafting real products made with real ingredients that you can easily pronounce, while not having to worry about what you’re putting in (or on) your body.

Bellamia's Inspiration

You might be wondering how I came up with the name Bellamia. While the Latin origin is “little beauty”, the real inspiration is from my two little beauties – my daughters – Bella and Mia. For years my girls have helped me make deodorant, soap and other natural homemade items. It's not only a great bonding experience but a time where we can talk about being healthy and taking care of our bodies.

Plus, Bella is starting to wear deodorant (where has the time gone!?), which makes Bellamia a great natural deodorant for ‘tweens and kids.

Making a Bellamia Purchase

When you buy our handcrafted natural deodorant not only are you deciding to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’re choosing to support a small business and a Midwest mom with big dreams. Sure, we could cut costs by using a mass supplier or even non-sustainable packaging, but that’s not our style. No matter how big we get, we will never be willing to sacrifice quality or our environment.